The day we explored the Manipal city. Second day of my trip and I am in love with the natural beauty of the south! Read more to know my experience and places to visit in Manipal city, along with some tips on how to travel light 😉

P.s. Did you read my first part of this blog post? if not, read it here.

Because we were staying in a hotel situated in Manipal, we decided to visit the local places for second day of our trip. For most of the youth in India, Manipal is more of a  place which has many colleges/universities and so most of the population there comprises of students. It’s a small beautiful city located in suburbs of Udupi. It is so small that mostly there is only 1 outlet of you favourite food/brand joint. And only 1 multiplex for the whole city. The good thing is that there is barely any traffic and the city is so quite and peaceful( very safe too!). All the local tourist locations comprises of nature sightseeing.

For adventure freak people, this place is not for you. For a relaxed refreshing experience, you should visit this place.

We started our day with a jog at Manipal end point park. A great place to hangout and de-stress. Very well maintained but only open in the morning. It is also ranked in the top 10 places to do in Manipal. From there we came back to the hotel to freshen up.

Next stop, the Railway bridge. Yup, as the name suggests it’s a normal bridge for trains to pass by. So what’s special about it? The view. It’s spectacular!   Along with the railway track, there’s enough room for you to walk around. They even have small rectangular areas made at regular intervals for you to stand/sit and relish the sightseeing. On this bridge, there are some stairs that take you down to the platforms made on the pillars where you can often find college students hanging out or even studying (yeah! I saw a group studying there. But I saw them from above. I was scared to get down.) Do keep an eye for the train, frequency of their arrival is pretty good. What to do when the train comes? Stand in those rectangular areas with ease like we did or stand as close as possible with the side railings. It did feel like “khatron ke khiladi”when the first train came and the whole bridge was vibrating rapidly beside the train horn and that gush of wind, but it’s safe and you get used to it. 😛

And I may not be wearing the type of garment you should be wearing to a place like this, but since we were supposed to go to beach after that I didn’t feel the necessity to waste my time in  going back to hotel to change so that I could  wear different garments for railway bridge and beach.

Malpe Beach, the most popular beach in Manipal was where we headed next. This was the only beach where I could see so many people on my entire trip. Nicely maintained and pretty clean, this beach has good parking space. This place even has some water sports facilities such as parasailing, water scooter and all. Good sea side restaurants and stalls cover one side of the beach. I was surprised when I couldn’t find any coconut water on the entire beach front. Local stall person told me that no one sells it here. In all, the beach was amazing. Crystal blue water, calm breeze and fine sand stole my heart. “I am always ecstatic when I am at a beach”. I just love them! And this beach has everything, places to eat, spots to relax and clean blue water to take a dip. You should definitely visit it!

For this day,  I was wearing a tie-dye maxi dress paired with flip flops, stole and a sling bag. As I like to travel light weight I wasn’t carrying different bags or footwear to match my outfit nor I had many garment changes just because I was visiting different places so I could shoot pictures in different clothes. I am a blogger but also a simple normal human being for whom comfort comes first and so, I will always give comfort fashion stories and tips. And hence, here are some tips for you on how you can travel light and still look fashionably cool:

  • While packing I pack stuff in a way where I could easily mix match. So choose a bag  which can be paired with almost any outfit.
  • Decide and keep your outfits according to number of days and place you are going. For eg. going for 4 days? pack 4 outfits with an extra emergency outfit for just in case situations.  If going for more than a week, you can always wash and wear the same clothes again. So, you don’t need to pack more than 4-5 outfits.
  • Save space by keeping just a pair or two of footwear.
  • Always carry toiletries. Don’t depend on your hotel.
  • For a girl, you don’t need to carry much make-up. Just your basic kajal/ liner with one signature lipstick.


Railway bridge


Rectangular space to stand
Lunch at Egg factory – good place!
Malpe beach


Dinner at MTR
Dinner at MTR



I bought this maxi dress from Sarojini Nagar (Delhi), bag from Lavie and stole from brand Roxy! 🙂

Stay tuned for the third(last) part of my trip!

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