Keeping it short and simple for last day of the trip!  

It was hard to say goodbye to this amazing place! But we had to leave for Bangalore to meet my cousins. Before we leave, there was this one last beach I really wanted to go. Kaup beach. Who wouldn’t like a beach with lighthouse!??? And, it is one of the major beaches in the city of Mangalore.

Kaup beach is such a serene place. With a lighthouse on top of a small hillock by the beach side, yellow sand covering the shore and some rocks in the water to relax upon. Aah, perfect! It felt so cozy and refreshing to be here. The view from the small hillock of the lighthouse was just amazing. We couldn’t go up the lighthouse as it opens only in the evening around 6:00 pm, so if you plan to go there it’s better to visit then. At this beach, they have some good sea facing restaurants where you can devour upon. Sipping on coconut water, enjoy the breathtaking view of sunrise/sunset. I so didn’t want to leave. *sob sob*

Leaving for Bangalore via A/C bus we booked from red bus(an user friendly website/app). Bangalore as we know, is not much of a tourist place. Just like other major cities of India it is packed with infrastructure and traffic. Being the  centre of India’s high-tech industry, it is also known for it’s nightlife and parks(or lakes). There is one tourist place near the city; just like Lonavala for Mumbai people. Nandi hills  is a spot where you can move away from the chaos of the city. Located on the hill top, this place is famous for it’s sightseeing and beauty. Go there, do a little trekking and come back which will probably just take less than half day. We went there early morning and were back by noon so that I could catch my flight in the evening. And to not miss, my eternal favourite filter coffee! I had filter coffee once where ever I went. Come on! You are in South India, how can one not drink filter coffee. To end this crave we had one last meal at the Mylapore cafe in Bangalore. Pure South Indian food with heavenly filter coffee!

I am wearing a dress from the brand Roxy. Sling bag from Lavie and a pair of street shopped flip flops.


Mandatory blogger type image


day 3 animation
View from the hillock (backside of the lighthouse)
Mini idlis and filter coffee at Mylapore cafe
Bye Bye!
Nandi hills

And so, I bid adieu to this wonderful trip!

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To more trips ahead! 🙂