Taking the Indian shelves by storm, this healthy alternative is perfect snack when your tummy craves for something yummy. Read on to know about this yummilicious Greek yogurt from Epigamia. 

This week, I received these amazing greek yogurt from Epigamia. For everyone, who’s wondering about what is it and how my experience was, everything is answered below.

What’s Greek Yogurt?

To be honest, I  barely heard about Greek yogurt before. Greek yogurt is basically thicker and creamier than  regular yogurt. The water content and whey has been removed, making it more smooth in texture. It is high in protein and low in fat. You must have seen it in ingredients of various recipes; such as cheese cake, dips and more. In simplified term, it’s more like between curd and paneer.


What’s Epigamia?

Epigamia is a Greek yogurt brand, manufactured by Drums food pvt. ltd. (yes! the makers of Hokey Pokey ice cream!). This is the first Greek yogurt brand in India. Epigamia got it’s name from a peace treaty between ancient Greek and Indian civilisation. This company believes that this brand is their way of uniting health and taste in a harmonious blend. For me, the name stands true to itself. Their products are made entirely from natural ingredients instead of artificial sweetener or colouring.

I received 7 different flavours of their product- Natural, Mango, Green apple, Vanilla beans, Honey banana, Strawberry and Blueberry. Personally, I liked the mango flavour the most. Strawberry and blueberry flavours have fruit pulp , giving them a refreshing punch. I will surely recommend these; A must try indeed. Great to fill up your tummy between meals and packed with nutrition.  With such mouth-watering flavours, it’s a treat for your taste buds.

You can buy them at www.epigamia.com . The best thing about them is, they easily fit into a pocket friendly budget. Each of them cost around INR 38 for your nutritional need.

I used the natural Greek yogurt to make a dip. Recipe on their website – here


It’s so hard to choose from these amazing flavours
Found one!
Om nom nom



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Ipsa Gupta