Travelling is one of the best things you can do in your life. It enlightens your soul and exhibit how alluring the world can be. Recently I had my first trip this year! Read more to know where I went, what I wore and how to travel on a budget.

The spirit for adventure always drive my soul to explore then unseen wonders. With this, I travelled toward South India to experience the natural untouched beauty of the Earth. I had only 3 days to cover Mangalore, Udupi, Manipal (basically everything near them) and some parts of Bangalore in the next 2 days. My brother accompanied me for this trip. We stayed at Arte central park hotel located in Manipal. And yes, we had this entire trip on a pocket friendly budget. To visit the places, we arranged for a bike- easy, convenient and no limitations to go anywhere.

For the first day we covered 4 places. To begin the journey we planned a route where we went to the farthest place first, covering the rest on our way back. Firstly, we visited the hanging bridge. It’s a local spot, raw beauty but not so famous. Basically it’s a wooden panelled foot-over bridge hanging with help of suspensions( no pillars) on a wide creek. Surrounded with breath-taking view and flurry of air, this place is really beautiful. Even the way that leads to this bridge is extremely great with small houses and a church.

From there we continued towards Maravanthe, which is approx an hour away from Manipal, is known for the amazing road where there is sea on one side and river n the other. For this serene beauty, we travelled all the way up there, but because of a recent construction of the highway this place has lost it’s charm. They have constructed a very long road, way above sea level which covers the part completely and so the view is obstructed. We can see the sea and river but the experience of travelling on road surrounded by the two is gone. I will suggest you to strike it off the list.

We ended our day by visiting 2 beaches- Kodi beach and Beejadi beach. Kodi beach is one of the most spectacular beaches of Karnataka. The beaches are at a distance of just 10-15 mins from each other. They are so alluring and serene. Clear sand, blue sea and sunset made my day! This place you all should definitely visit.

What I wore? Well, for day one I chose to wear a blue romper from the brand ROXY and pair it up with flip flops and a Lavie sling bag. I am glad I chose a romper because it’s very comfortable, easy to go outfit and the sling bag surely is very practical.

Tips to travel on a budget:

  • Always book your tickets in advance if you have planned your trip.
  • Thanks to technology, you can even book your hotel/any other place to stay at cheaper price. I booked mine from makemytrip.com and got a discount. You can even try goibibo, agoda, trivago or any other site you know of.
  •  Try using the public transport if possible rather than taking a cab. Even we opted an A/C bus from Manglore to Manipal and it costed us way cheaper than a cab.
  •  Don’t eat all your “cash”. Opt for local places to eat instead of fancy dining places. You are there to experience everything and that includes local food too 😉
  •  Pack smartly, so that you don’t end up buying unnecessary things. Especially while travelling alone.
  •  Try avoiding the peak season.


On our way to hanging bridge
Hanging bridge


Kodi beach


Beejadi beach


I had an amazing trip!! Day 2 coming soon! :*

Do you wish to visit these places? Let me know in the comments below.

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