So why not wear  double denim and honour this cool trend of the 80’s which made a comeback in this modern world!? Here’s a easy cheat guide for you to rock this trend. 

I am a fan of denim wear, you can wear it to almost any place; match it with so many options and still look amazing. For denim devotees like me, there’s a good news! The denim on denim trend made a huge comeback last year. This trend is being rocked by celebrities, fashion ramps and by many fashion bloggers too. But because of the 70’s and early 2000 fashion mistakes, a lot of us try to avoid styling one.

Denim on denim can look incredible, you should definitely give it a go!

To help you out, here’s my cheat guide:

  • The basic rule is to make sure that the color and washes are completely different from each other in denim on denim look. For example, pairing a blue denim jacket with dark blue/ black/ grey/ white jeans.
  • To create a better illusion of your proportions, try the darker shade in the bottom.
  • Make sure that the garments fit you perfectly. Loose baggy fits maybe in trend and look good, but they are not a companion of this denim on denim trend.
  • If you want to elevate the game a bit more higher, go for the triple denim look by wearing a cool denim jacket with a skinny jeans and fitted shirt, but make sure the color and washes are different.
  • You can even match your denims with chambray’s, they appear like denim on denim. Example, Chambray shirt/ t-shirt under your dungaree or pinafore dress.
  • Still, if you want to pair same color and wash denim on denim, you can pair them up with statement accessories or prints.


So, these are my tips for you all, to create a fabulous denim outfit. It’s simple, easy, doesn’t take time and not overdone.

This is how I styled a simplest denim on denim look to show you how good it can look. Keeping my color and washes different and with the darker color at the bottom I am ready to go!


Outfit Details:

Shirt: Vero Moda

Denim: Only

Boots: Thrifted

Watch: Titan

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Happy styling!