Do you have a little corner in your brain were you put away items labeled as “Won’t look good”? Because I do. A lot! And it’s time to let go off them, one by one. 

I was more on the tomboy-ish side while growing up. I am still, to be true. Loving my pajamas and loose comfy clothes more than anything! But, at the same time, I have started liking to dress up or should I say “dolled”up for occasions. I barely used make-up in my life . The only thing I know how to use is a kajal/eye liner and lipstick till today, which thankfully my friends taught me. P.s. the reason why you never see me in make-up.

Jeans are my first love. Then comes the trousers, shorts; but, a skirt!? It was no where near the list! The only time I wore a skirt was to school as a part of uniform and I could not avoid it. My list of items which I barely wore is pretty long. And so, going to a fashion college where people wore all kinds of clothes was a bit weird. Luckily, my confident to wear whatever I feel like and not bothered by what people “expected” me to wear came in handy at that phase. It’s not that I did not like skirts, it’s just that I never thought I will like wearing them.  In our first module, the first thing we learn to stitch is a skirt: a circular skirt along with some variations.

The first thing, you completely stitch on your own, is always special. I made 2 skirts at that time. And that excitement made me wear skirt for the first time. Though, it was only at home. Even after that, I never bought one. My cousin sister gifted me a skirt and I felt so cute in that; the one I did my blog post Vintage love. Well, looks like it’s out of the list now.

Why it’s good to let go off the list!??

  1. Because you never know what may suit you the best; you deserve to look amazing!
  2. Because it’s the first step towards change and will definitely help you grow personally. A perfect mood booster. ” New you, new beginnings”, right?
  3. It will help you choose better or even make mistakes. But we all learn from them.
  4. Because you are never getting any younger. Better sorry than never. 
  5. It’s time to let go off your insecurities. Cherish your body. Keep it fabulous and fashionable πŸ˜‰
  6. Because you never know what your signature style could have been. Experiment!!
  7. It’s your time to flaunt what you have got. It could be anything.
  8. Fashion is all about trying something new and different. 
  9. Because you want to see the best version of yourself in the mirror the next time!!
  10. Because somewhere you knew that you always wanted to. Go on! Try it.


I hand-painted this skirt which you can too! Get tips from my last blog post My first try: Paint a t-shirt (D.I.Y)


Used white fabric paint for this intricate D.I.Y.


I believe my pictures says it all. I am very happy with my decision to let it go. Try it out! We all need a little motivation sometimes. In case you try something new, don’t forget to tag me in your photos! I would love to see them.

I hope you also loved this skirt on me as much as I am loving it right now!!  

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