What’s that one thing everyone is wearing?  Let’s add some magic to it!

I’m pretty sure you all must have that one thing in your closet. They are super chic and practical. Any guesses? Made in varied fabrics, keeping you warm during winters, cool in summers and cozy just like your bed.

The one thing that can always make and never break your outfit is scarves. Scarves or stoles are one thing that can be teamed up with almost any outfit and suits every occasion. Even celebrities swear by them and it’s an instant booster to your outfit. Fashion ignorant or fashion lover, everyone’s styling them! It’s so appealing for the eyes and perfect to make any outfit stylish.

P.s. for styling your scarf/stole and for different ways by which you can rock them, check out my blog post – Yellow stole.

Waiting for that magic? Well, It’s all about going back to the basics. The basic textiles, where the fabrics were hand dyed. For my lovely people, I have a simple and quick D.I.Y. to add that magic to your scarves. The scarf which I’m wearing is dyed and stitched by me. Using the traditional shibori technique I created these gorgeous patterns on a plain solid white fabric. Even you can do it; All by yourself!

You will need 

  • A plain fabric. You can also use your old scarf to turn it into something new.
  • Dye. You can get it from any store which keep supplies of garment trimmings. It comes in small sachet in various colors.
  • Rope or anything to tie depending upon your pattern choice.
  • Bucket with water
  • Salt
  • Gloves
  • Scissors

Things to keep in mind before you start

  • Make sure that your fabric/scarf is dye-able. If it’s already starched, remove it by washing the fabric.
  • Use the correct dye for your fabric. There is a different dyes for natural and synthetic fabrics.
  • Dissolve the dye properly in hot boiling water before putting in the fabric.
  • Don’t forget to wear gloves to avoid colored hands.
  • Add salt or other binding agent to water so that the color stays on your fabric for longer period of time.
  • Tie the fabric as tightly as possible for your desired pattern or else the fabric will color fully solid.
  • Keep your fabric immersed in the dye for a good period of time to achieve great results. Say approx 20-30 minutes.
  • Wash with cold water (no soap) after taking out the fabric to remove excess dye. Not with hot water as it may remove dye.
  • Let the fabric dry completely. Don’t wash it with soap before 48 hours.

How to tie-dye your own scarf?

I followed the steps from this amazing link – http://honestlywtf.com/diy/shibori-diy/

This is what I created! I hope you like it :*

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Outfit details:

Choker: D.I.Y.

Cardigan: Forever 21, Buy it here

T-shirt: Koov, Buy it here

Scarf: D.I.Y.

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