I’m pretty sure all of you must have heard the term “statement”in fashion. “Statement piece”is a buzzword for sure. So, is it that important?

This trend of “statement”pieces is nothing new. I remember, the first time I heard about it, it was somewhere around 2010. It was everywhere. Whether it’s a subject for an email saying “10 statement earring to wear this wedding season” or even on your popular shopping websites with “statement pieces to fall in love this season”. And it’s kinda true, we all at some point fall in love with a statement piece.

It’s all about “making a statement” in fashion, especially for someone who likes to dress up. They dress themselves in a way that captures attention. But, at the other hand what about people like me? The lazy-ass people, for whom make-up includes just kajal and lipstick, who start thinking about getting ready when most people are already done. That’s where this “statement”fashion jumps in. 😉

“Add an extra dash of Fash”

Statement pieces, be they jewellery, shoes, jackets, bags etc, pull an outfit together. They add that oh-so-fabulous factor to your outfit. For instance, to show you, here I am wearing a monochrome outfit(I so love them). A basic black sweater with black jeans and black shoes. To add that oomph factor I throw in a “statement”neck-piece (mine is a simple one). To go bold, you can choose for something more bright and bigger. Statement pieces gives you a simple yet chic look every time.

Tips for styling statement pieces:

  • Statement pieces can look great with prints as well. Ditch the myth where you stick to only monochrome or neutrals.
  • The basic trend which gives you bonus points, is to wear your statement neck-piece beneath the collar of your blouse/shirt/dress.
  • Let one statement piece speak up. For example, if you are wearing bold earrings, wear a very subtle necklace or better don’t wear anything for the neck. Let the focus be on your earrings. Don’t clutter it up.
  • If you have a larger bust, opt for pieces that lay above your bust and not on them.
  • You can also pair your graphic-tee with a bold statement piece to go from college geek to rocking night outfit.
  • While wearing statement shoes/heels do consider the length of your outfit. Show them off! You can wear a basic white dress and for that pop of color throw on some statement heels.
  • Bold, bright statement pieces look amazing too! You can go for colorful pieces or to the most versatile metallic ones.


Well, For me, making that “statement”in fashion is important and easy at the same time. It can do wonders for your outfit and add an extra dash of Fash; making you confident all the way.

Here are my  2 looks for “statement”fashion.






Outfit details: 

Look  1 –  Black sweater: H&M

Black Jeans: Forever 21

Statement neck-piece: Colaba, Mumbai

Look  2 – Top: Thrifted, Sarojini Nagar

Black jeans: H&M

Statement neck-piece: Amazon India