I can’t believe it’s December already! And, I am celebrating first year of my blogging journey! Thank you so much for showering me with your love. ❤ *hugs* In this post, let’s talk about the life of a blogger. 

This year was very crazy and full of surprises. I am still grateful for the idea that popped up to start my blog. I am also grateful to each one of you for supporting me and motivating me in my journey and also, to all the brands I have so far been associated with! (Regular updates on my Instagram)

So, how is this “blogger”  life treating me so far? Well, here are my confessions!

A blogger’s life is exaggerated( specially the one portrayed on social sites). We don’t rock all the time. We have our own ups and downs which we chose to or not show. Our social media is filled up of things we want you to show; it’s filtered. I bet no one noticed my health crisis through out the year; one of them being a major issue with my knees. See, we show what we want to!

Blogging takes a lot more work than people think we do! A way lot! It’s a misconception by many, that blogging is like a kids play. IT’S NOT! There goes a lot of time and energy for each and every post we generate. From prepping up for shoots, time constrains, editing, creating something new, putting your thoughts into each article to even replying to your mails; it takes a lot of effort.

It’s all about the “free stuff”. Firstly, can we please stop calling it that! It may seem free for you because you see the main result. As a blogger, it takes labor to develop those results for you. They are not free for us, they are the payments for our hard work. Sometimes we do get paid and sometimes it’s just the products.

People expect my life to be glamorous; just because I am a fashion blogger. Well, it’s not. Attending events and launch parties are what makes you think I live in a glamorous and fun world. But to the contrary, that’s the only “glamour” in my life. I am a simple girl, who loves to spend her day in pyjama. I dress up for shoots, occasions/events.

Yes, blogging does have it’s perks. No, its not being “famous”. Firstly, let me clear that being famous is not what blogging is about. It has it’s own perks. Like we get to try different and new stuff, getting to work on varied projects and campaigns, meeting people, the comfort of work from home. (Well, it does look cool to others, so bragging works as perk for me too :p )

It’s not just about the photos; what we write matters too! People assume clicking good pictures and looking good is what makes you a good blogger. Well, nah-ah! It’s what’s behind it, how you present and what you write matters the most.

Since I am not here for the “free stuff”, I am here because I enjoy blogging way too much. I love sharing my passion with you guys and hope to give you something to inspire from. These were confessions of a blogger. IF you do like it, hit like and subscribe. I will be uploading more behind the scenes!

Here, I am wearing a hoodie wrap jacket with basic black denims. Happy winters to all you lovely people!


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