So, it’s been more than a week since I received these yummy snacks from snackexperts.com ; Here’s my review! #ichoosehealth

Snackexperts is a website where you can order your favourite snacks online and get them delivered at your doorstep without any hassle, that too without any extra charge. It’s that simple, go to their website – choose what you like – order/pay – and you are done! They deliver in just 2-5 days(I received mine in just 3 days) across India. And the best part is their snackbox, which you can choose and customise according to your needs and even get them delivered on a monthly basis; so that you never run out of snacks. 😉

They are the healthy alternative to your binge eating habits. With various combos to choose from and different flavours this will surely satisfy your cravings throughout the day and keep you healthy from the inside.

I received a standard box, with 5 different  snack pouches in a box. I really liked their packaging and the pouches do keep the snacks fresh for long; easy to carry everywhere.


The yummy snacks I got to devour upon were:

  • Chana mix
  • Urad daal laddu
  • Old fashioned nut mix
  • Chocolate flapjack
  • Honey roasted cashew

Personally, I am impressed by the flavours and the combinations. Urad daal laddu reminds me of the old days when my grandma used to make them for us. The only thing I wasn’t happy was these honey roasted cashews. They were way more chilly in flavour and didn’t taste like honey roasted to me. Chocolate flapjack is pretty cool combination of health with taste. That was obviously the first one to be finished. Chana mix and old fashioned nut mix is something which we all usually eat in some form or other. I will definitely recommend you this! Healthy snacking at your doorstep! It’s a win-win 😉

You can order via their website: www.snackexperts.com/

I really enjoyed my box of snackexperts. You can too! Use my coupon code “HEALTHY100 ”  for your  Smart snacker  plan from snackexperts.

Happy shopping!