Weddings are fun and hectic at the same time. Also, it’s one of the biggest fashion platforms in India. (Pun intended :P) Many of you asked me what I wore via DMs and so, here is my blog post for it!

As you all know I was pretty busy with my cousin’s wedding. Wedding in the family means lot of work, busy schedule but abundance of fun and love! For us, it was all in just a month. Yup, everything from booking venues, catering services and all was decided and executed in only a month’s time. It was full of chaos from running to dance rehearsals for sangeet to shopping for all the occasions and still trying to manage our daily chores and work.

For us girls, wedding also means to look amazing. I am not saying that guys do not, but we all know the amount of time and energy a girl needs to prepare and get ready for big occasions. I may be lazy but even I wanted the same. I am also a fashion designer by profession and so I decided to design my own outfits for engagement and wedding function. But the biggest challenge was to find a  good tailor who could understand what I want and would give me the garments in just a week’s time. Because of time constraint I had to design something simple yet elegant for the wedding. So, I decided to go with the basic lehenga choli or in fancy terms “crop top and skirt”.  It was only a week to go for the wedding and I was standing at the tailor’s shop to tell him what to do. Coming up with the most simplest silhouette this time, with a cute little cut in the back, I had my outfit ready in just 6 days. Some people might think that it’s too light but I really loved it. Comfortable enough to dance in the baraat, staying up late for the pheras and still it was elegant. P.s. I will be doing a blog post  for my engagement outfit as well; soon :*

To match with the outfit, I wore long chain tassel earrings and bangles. I wasn’t supposed to wear this necklace but my grandmother gave it to me and insisted. If you try this look, you may skip the necklace and let the earring do the talking. This is the first time I ever got a hair-do done. I was so nervous but it did came out to look good and suit me. (I do look a bit old because of the hair-do, but who cares!) For my makeup, I have only used a face cream, Maybeline eyeliner and my signature lip shade from Lakme(that’s it).

It was a 4 am shoot, please ignore my expression; I was too tired.


Outfit details:

Crop top and skirt: Ipsa Gupta design

Earrings and bangles: Karol Bagh

Necklace: Grandmother’s love

So, if even you liked it and want the same, you can order them via email- ipsaguptablog@gmail.com

Also, if you guys want me to do a blog post with options available in the market regarding occasion wear, let me know in the comment section below!

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