We all know that saree is the most versatile garment which will never leave the fashion industry! So, here are some last minute draping ideas that are super simple yet look elegant which you can wear almost everywhere!! 

Almost every female I know, loves to wear saree for special occasions. To be honest, even I used to feel that handling saree is a lot of work and so must be reserved only for those “exceptional” functions where I need to wear something traditional. But this time I am happy that this made me realize that I was wrong. Yes! Sarees need not be reserved for these functions!

Take a cue from your mothers/grand-mothers who used to wear them every single day; because it is comfortable enough.

So, I gave a try to wear a saree for a day and it felt pretty great! It is super airy; simple sarees don’t need much handling if tucked in properly and of-course  lot of pins to keep it in place. You can wear this to your office, family day out or even a simple brunch with your friends.

I got this gorgeous saree from Unnati silks.  For the summers, I chose a classic Banarasi Khadhi Supernet Saree. Supernet sarees are woven with a blend of silk and cotton in various proportions. Why supernet? Because it represents a fine intricate woven technique is very appealing and the smooth texture gives it a subtle shine. The one you can see me wearing is simply chic with a classic gold border and pallu.

Why to buy from Unnati silk? Customer – Centric that it is, Unnati Silks anticipates, innovates and provides with a strong belief that each and every customer is special and requires that something, which is unique, refreshing, fashionable and of quality.Having a product range that is as varied as it is vast, handwoven and handcrafted, the devotion and dedication of talented ethnic artisans from across 21 states of India comes through in the products on display. Having the Handloom Mark and Silk Mark for most of its products, Unnati it’s customers are assured a legitimate backing too, despite being guaranteed original handloom products from the start.

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4 fast chic ways to drape a saree

  1. The basic saree drape- closed and open pallu

This one, I am pretty sure almost everyone would know how to drape. It is simple but looks graceful at the same time.



2. The belted pallu drape. The more modern take over this basic saree drape looks more edgy and very easy to pull off. Just add a belt of your choice  at the waist over the pallu.



3. Popularly known as the “Gujarati drape” this one is aesthetically beautiful and looks traditional all the way. Perfect to flaunt that artistic pallu of your saree! All you have to do is, turn around your pallu in the front and pin it on one side of your waist.


4. As i call it, The warrior drape. This one is wore upon a lehenga/skirt; pleated at the back side. I took only 10 minutes to drape this one. I love how this way even a simple saree can be worn for something special and look extraordinary as well. Added a belt at the waist to highlight it.


These are my super quick saree draping style for everyday fashion. Which look is your favorite?  Also, even you can order this saree and other handloom products online at unnati silks. I am very impressed with their delivery and the quality of the products unlike other sites. And it does fit in a reasonable price budget.

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Happy shopping!