Like a typical millennial, even I do love to travel. But, unlike some travel fanatic, my travel story is different.

Traveler-wanderlust-backpacker and a lot more; every millennial wants to be one of them.  “We” describe it as that adrenaline rush which keeps us happy. Travelling is so in trend, that it has even reached to most people’s hobbies/interest column of their CV. Taking inspiration from Facebook meme to quit our jobs, travel the world and live our lives happily ever after. That is when you need a reality check.

Except the rare people who do actually get paid to travel the world as their profession, I am a normal human who needs parents approval to even visit events happening in the same city. Well, we live in a society which is in fact the most unsafe place for a female. Then, comes the budget and days you need to take off from work or study. There, dropping the word fanatic from my travel personality.

Having stayed in 3 cities so far, I got to travel a lot with my family. And it’s true, travelling does teach you a lot; experiences stay with you forever. Places, food, people, culture, traditions, environment and infrastructure, everything is similar yet different in each part of India. Every place is beautiful in it’s own way.

My latest trip was to Vaishno Devi with my family and I loved every bit of it. In January, one of the coldest months up there, we somehow managed to get train tickets for Jammu. From there, you can easily get a cab for Katra or even book direct train tickets for Katra. This is the place from where people start their journey for Vaishno Devi Bhawan; mostly on foot. As I could not walk  back then, I decided to go via helicopter till Sanjhichhat which even you can avail easily. As my family left on foot, it was just me and my cousin travelling through chopper. Such an amazing experience as we sat right beside the pilot in helicopter. We had a lot of time to ourselves as we reached in minutes at the top, we start exploring the place. It has it’s natural beauty still intact and the place is filled with positive vibes. The majestic hills cover the region from sides and the place has it’s own way to tackle through the winters. We visited the temple next day early morning and started our way back to Katra. This time, that “maniac” in me decided to walk back 12.5 km down for that adrenaline rush( which in fact caused me a week of suffering afterwards). As I enjoyed that alluring path with breath-taking views and mini food breaks, I had forgotten all about my knees for the first few kilometers. It was divine. And as usual, from Katra we went back to Jammu for our stay and shopping before back home.

So, this is my travel story. What’s yours?


Free as a bird


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Hope you liked my story and I am looking forward to read yours too! :*

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