We all love caffeine, don’t we? Now imagine the goodness of caffeine in your personal grooming products. This brand, offers you something which other Indian brands do not. 

We all have heard how caffeine is useful to make our skin very soothing and hydrated. It is filled with antioxidants ,especially when the skin is exposed to UV light.It is pretty common to add caffeine in your body scrubs to remove that extra cellulite to make your skin soft and supple. It is beneficial to add firmness and provide the daily dose of care to your skin.

I recently read somewhere that caffeine even helps your hair to grow faster. Like,seriously?  And so, instead of gobbling down those extra cups of coffee, why not use a shampoo which already has caffeine. I came across India’s first energising personal care brand, MCaffeine.  Just like the name, caffeine is the main ingredient in their products and so gives you that glowing healthy body. They energise your body and will surely keep you fresh all day, just like a good cup of coffee!

I know trying a new brand is hard. To help you out, here are my reviews for the products from this brand.IMG_20170331_152707225



  1. MCaffeine Fresh Pop Caffeine Face WashIMG_20170331_130800857

    Doesn’t this sounds good? face wash with caffeine. Let the coffee wake up your mind and face wash do the talking. This energising face wash is packed with aloe-vera and caffeine. Such a unique combination. It enhances your skin with antioxidants and nourishes it from inside.

    Review:The pump is very practical for use and size for a face wash seems accurate to me. The only thing they can improve on, is the scent of the face wash. You need to use it just like other face wash, gently massaging onto skin and then rinse properly. Use it twice a day for that energetic skin. Worth a try.


  2. MCaffeine Bouncy Techno Caffeine ShampooIMG_20170331_131410292






    The pearly white colored shampoo is intelligently created with the mix of caffeine to give your hair that extra bounce.Along with the properties of the mighty coconut, it does wonders to your hair.

    Review: I love the packaging of the product. With the pump attached to the bottle, it’s pretty easy to use.  And the best part is that it smells amazing! I have oily scalp so it’s a made for me type shampoo, leaving them soft and nourished. The bottle is compact in size, good for travelling. But for daily use I wish it was bigger in size. For people who have oily hair like me, I will definitely recommend you this. It is helpful in reducing hair-fall as well. We need to keep shampoo on the scalp for 2 min as stated on the directions for use.



You want to try it too?? Just go to their website www.mcaffeine.com and order online! (Psst. Try using the code – WOLF to avail discount on their website)

You can purchase them on amazon as well.

Happy shopping! 😀