Just days to go for the most awaited romantic time of the year. With some last minute styling tips, ideas and my views of this day; this post will surely give you some feels.

Firstly, I want to thank you all! Thank you for being there, for your messages, your support, they give me strength to keep going.  I love you guys! These 3 months have been really great.

Each year Valentine’s Day has been celebrated as the day of “love”, where people express their emotions for someone they love. Why! Why do we need a day to show what we feel.

I know, you might be figuring out the irony. Irony about how I am not a fan of this day, still writing a blog about how you can make it special. Well, in the end, it’s all about making it exceptionally good for your other half. And these ideas are there to help you. J

For me, this day is a bit over-rated. I know many people want to make it special, extra romantic and make memories. But why wait for a whole year to do it. Make each day memorable, honor your relationship and love each other. Most importantly don’t forget to love yourself.  Call me old-school or old fashioned, but I still love hand written notes, the charisma of expressing your love. People are so obsessed with social media now a day. It seems like for them any relationship is something they need to have, something they like to exhibit as if it is some kind of award they won. For some the number of relationships is the basis of setting up perceptions about someone. Breaking up because of some small misunderstanding, fighting for what the person does on social media and still term it as love. The whole sanctity of love is getting lost in this modern world. Be in a soulful relationship where you can have meaningful conversations. Love truly, because you can and you do.

Everyone who wants to make it extraordinary, I hope you read my Part I of this post. Coming back on track; let’s spread love around. ❤  I have styled 2 looks for you in the last post, where in you can glam up in just one single dress. For this, who says jumpsuits aren’t romantic!? Along with these styled looks, here are some more ideas for you to try out

  • Ditch the regular red and opt for something playful. You can always add pastels to your look. Throw on some statement accessories and surprise him.
  • Go for something in lace. Laces are lovely and that flirty dress will surely catch his attention. Pair them up with show-stopping heels.
  • As the air is still crispy and cold, you can add a touch of color with your favorite coat and wear a monochrome outfit inside. You’ll surely have the cutest outfit around.
  • Midi skirts give a romantic touch to your evening. Wear them in printed or solid color, pair it with a chic blouse for that date night.
  • Palazzos are something which look classy and elegant. Going out for a dinner? Wear high waist palazzos along with stilettos and statement neck piece to complete the look.
  • Dates are not meant for dresses and skirts only. You can always go for some fun wrap-ups or feminine trousers.
  • Maxi dress is perfect for a casual day at the beach, movies or a brunch. Get your sling bag and you are good to go!

I hope these were helpful. And as I always say- For the blush, let’s leave it on your other half!


P.S. This outfit is really special for me. This is from the designer Shantanu & Nikhil. I won it in a competition. You can contact them on their website or visit the store.




Don’t forget to comment your Valentine ’s Day ideas and do tell me what you wore!

Lots of love! :*