How is this month treating you so far! How about a simple and quick D.I.Y. to cheer you up? And, you can even do it without a sewing machine! πŸ˜€

It’s true! You too can make a simple Kaftan top! All by yourself and no cutting. Kaftan top is simply amazing for both summers as well as winters. They came into trend a long time ago and never left.

I got this fabric from my mother and it was so pretty with fringes all around. You know how stunning fringes look now a days! I knew I had to make something and the length of this fabric was perfect for a little crop kaftan top.

You can even make a dress, maxi dress, shrug or a crop top depending on how much fabric you have.

What you will need?Β 

  • Fabric (Measure it according to the size of top you want; double the length and width according to your arm length)
  • Thread and needle (you can use sewing machine if you want to)
  • Embellishment (optional. I didn’t use because I already had fringes)


Start working:

  • Fold your fabric in half. Fold it length wise and wrong sides together. Now, the top will be your shoulders and neckline.
  • Sew the side seams. From your shoulder points, leave space for your armhole, approx 10-11 inches and sew till the bottom of the fabric. I kept the distance between the two seams bigger in order to make a loose kaftan. You can distance it out according to your size.
  • Cut out the neck opening and finish it. You can finish the neck opening with folding it inwards and do a hem-stitch or slip-stitch.
  • Finish the bottom. You can finish the hem line like you did for the neck. Or you can even add lace or fringes like mine.
  • Add Embellishments if you want to. Quirk it up!

That’s it! It’s so easy and can be easily done in just 2-3 hours.

I styled itΒ with an elephant locket(Thrifted), black denims(H&M) and wedgies.


I hope you do like it and don’t forget to share the picture of your kaftan with me! Simply tag me in your pictures :*

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