Face sheet masks (basically lazy girl’s facial) are winning hearts all over the internet. Is the hype worth it? Well, Mond’sub proves it right!

Face sheet masks are  which is gaining a lot of popularity these days. And why shouldn’t people like it? Come on, it’s a  sheet mask doused in liquid based formula which helps to rejuvenate your skin; without the need to heavy duty work of mixing, massaging, rinsing other normal facial masks. The sheets can be easily put up, leave for 15 min and remove. You just need to wipe out in the end, hence super easy for travelling or as they say, lazy girl’s facial!

In the market with so many companies providing different face masks, here is Mond’sub which gives you a wide range of various types of face sheet masks for all types of skin and mood. This one company even has a combo pack of masks for each day of the week. With unique compositions and some rare masks, they are bound to rule this industry!

I am going to review 2 products from them:

  • Gold facial mask

Review: Getting straight to the point- does this fulfill what it claims? Yes! To be true, I was a bit doubtful if these sheet masks actually work good. But yes, it does do wonders on your skin. This mask is for all skin types. I kept it for around 13-15 min and then even massaged the liquid serum of the mask for a couple of minutes. After the use my skin feels so hydrated and moisturized. I didn’t feel the need to use a moisturizer afterwards. The next day, it did feel a little healthy and refreshed. I will definitely recommend you this! P.S. before use, make sure you do a patch test with that liquid formula, just to be safe. The only issue is that the holes for eyes and nose seemed a bit small to me.

I would give it 4.5/5


  •  Bio-gold collagen eye mask

Review: I tried this eye mask for a complete 15 min. I am always a bit scared to use something like this near my eyes. But it gave such a soothing effect; I am definitely going to get more. It did leave my skin so soft and supple. My eyes feel so refreshed. It’s good that this one coves the eyelids as well, giving a full coverage and soothing effect. You should totally go for it!

I would give this 5/5.

You can buy them along with many other masks here. or on their Instagram page.


It’s a bit hard to get “gorgeous” image with mask on.


You should give them a try! You will be amazed with their wonderful results. And the best part is that they don’t cost a fortune.

Happy masking! 🙂

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