Aren’t we all intrigued by how cute do rompers look? Read more to know everything about rompers!

I love how versatile and comfortable rompers are. If you are wondering, rompers are basically short jumpsuits and way cute! Even rompers have a huge variety for you to cherish. In India, the romper era started earlier this year; with almost every major brand offering various designs. Now, you have such classy rompers available which you can even wear for evening occasions. Big designers are onto designing beautiful rompers.

This year they even introduced Male rompers, made with lace!

They are one of the easiest garments to style. Even worn without any jewelery, they still look chic. Sporty, sexy, classy, whatever look you want can be easily achieved. And yes, that is why I love them! They make up for great summer piece. I am totally hooked up to wear them for various occasions.

The only issue with them, arrives when you have to go to the washroom. That getting almost naked to pee/poop is true. And hence, not a good choice for long drives.

Like many other things, rompers too can be adjusted to make you look the way you want. Want to look taller? Get a romper with elastic waist and adjust the romper’s waist a little higher to make you look taller. This trick can also be used if you have smaller torso and regular rompers don’t fit you well.

Guess what! They look amazing with layers. I wish I had worn layers during this shoot to show you. But, you can always layer up your rompers to give that oomph factor and can help you in cold weathers. They are anyway great for this summer breeze. Just add a full length cardigan or a basic denim jacket and you will surely look fabulous.

You don’t need to be skinny to wear them. Rompers are very flattering on petite girls like myself. They do look feminine and everyone can wear them! You can wear them all the time; for nicer occasions just get a little dressy one. They do come in fitted as well as flowy silhouettes.

If you don’t want to show off your legs, you can always opt for stockings underneath! Pantyhose works too.They do pair up nicely.  Rompers are also available in full sleeves. And as I said, you can always layer up. Hairs on your body? No worries!

These are my romper looks: For this, I added a belt and kept the styling to minimum to show how easy is to carry them without much effort and still look good! Pair of slide-on for a sporty look.

White,  rompers and smiles: Summers


I did add the patches myself. D.I.Y.

This look:  If you follow me dearly, you might have already seen in my travel story!


This one is from Explore the unseen (Part I)

In case, there is something specific you want me to answer about rompers, feel free to comment below!

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