Are you planning to adopt the natural way of life? Just like the old times, where we barely used any chemical and had that unbeatable natural glowing skin. Click on the post to know how 😉

If you ever noticed, our ancestors had that ingenuous beauty which we try to achieve with make-up these days. They had glowing nourished skin, achieved with home available products. Then, modernisation happened and those changed to chemical harmful products. In all this, the raw form of beauty was lost. Looking at the bright side, there are still companies in this  modern world which still care about the body as well as the planet Earth.

One of them is Greenviv, a natural skincare company which aims to bring that inner natural glow through natural-botanical skincare products. With more than 25 types of different products in all categories, even baby care and men’s grooming essentials, the company was started in the year 2015. All of their products are 100% vegetarian, natural and handmade with no chemicals, toxins,harmful preservatives, parabeans used. They are against animal testing. I received 3 products from this amazing company and here are my reviews!



1. Greenviv Natural Aloe-Vera & Lemongrass Face TonerIMG_20170331_142048185111111

Review: This face toner is perfect for oily skin types. It is made with the blend of all natural ingredients which work together to give you fresh and healthy skin. With high concentration of astringent, it has the power to shrink down the pores and give you oil free skin for longer period of time.  To apply, spray directly on the face. Personally, I really like it. There are visibly less acne(yay!) and it feels very cool in this hot weather.


5/5 Must buy! (For oily skin) You can buy it here



2. Greenviv Natural Rose & Geranium Face CreamIMG_20170331_142227171111

Review: So this cream is more like a fairness agent, as it is packed with so many skin lightening elements. Rose and geranium being  the major ingredients, help to nourish the skin to give a subtle radiant glow. The good thing is that it absorb very quickly into the skin giving a decent moisture. Use it daily to achieve great results. Tip: Apply little cream on the face and neck, not too much.

4/5 worth a shot! (For oily skin) You can buy it here


3. Greenviv Natural Strawberry & Beetroot Lip BalmIMG_20170331_142259088111

Review: This is  one of the best lip balms I have used. Smells great, just like strawberry. But doesn’t have the strawberry taste though. It does not color your lips but gives deep moisture. Apply directly onto lips, just like any other lip balm. After application it gives a glossy effect to lips and leaves them soft and smooth. It is high in vitamins which is great to maintain healthy lips! Also, it does repair chapped lips really fast. So great for winters.

4.5/5 A definite recommend. Buy it here



You can purchase them from Amazon and Flipkart as well.

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