So aren’t we all loving how these organic natural beauty products work on our skin? With barely any side effects and visible results, natural handmade products are a sure shot way to achieve that healthy skin you always admired. 

With so many companies selling their cruelty free organic products, I found one that is completely homemade. Started in 2009, Aroma Essentials products are made entirely by hand, in small batches to suit your skin. They provide a wide range of products for your daily skin care regime. Without any harsh chemicals and only combinations of natural ingredients is what makes them special. The best part about it is that they are just a step away if you have any query. Want some skin care advice? Questions about your products? How to use them? Everything is solved quickly.

I received these lovely products from Aroma essentials. A makeup remover, body scrub and lip balm.


  1. Cocoa Lip BalmIMG_20170322_124631410

Ingredients: Honey, Vitamin E, Shea butter

Review: I like the scent of the lip balm. It keeps them smooth and hydrated. Compact size is great to carry everywhere. I believe almost everyone uses a lip balm and you should try this one too. Just make sure to keep it out of reach of direct sunlight and you are good to go.

A must buy! 5/5

2. Cleansing curd(Makeup remover)IMG_20170322_124944679

Ingredients: Apricots, coconut oil and mango butter

Review: As in the ingredients it has a very coconut-ty scent. To use it, you need to massage it onto your skin and wipe it off. Taking special care around the eyes. It does actually work good in removing your makeup. But, as I use very light makeup, I can’t say anything for people who prefer full makeup routine.

I will recommend this. 4/5

IMG_20170322_124840685 3. Chocolate and milk body scrub

Ingredients: chocolate cocoa powder, almond powder, oats, chocolate edible essence

Review: This is the first time I ever used a body scrub(other than the basic homemade besan scrub). To apply, you need to mix it with water, make a paste and scrub! It felt so good on my skin. Fresh, soft and supple skin. I use it twice a week to exfoliate all the dead cells.

Definite recommend.4.5/5



If you want to purchase these amazing products, you can do it via their fb page- Aroma Essential or Aroma Essential or directly whatsapp on the number provided on theor instagram handle. 

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