Lino Perros recently launched it’s new collection and I must say, it gave a strong competition to it’s competitors by introducing the “cover changing bags” in India!

On 8th November 2017, Lino Perros unveiled a new range of smart bags for the strong and independent women who love to stay fashionable and chic. What intrigued me the most was it’s concept. They have this amazing new range of bags of which the covers can be changed easily so as to give it a new look. Simply, you get 2-3 bags, at the price of one! How cool!

They surely made our life a little bit simpler by introducing this new collection in our lives.Β 

Who could have imagined! Buying one bag and enjoying the benefits of 2 at the same time. Till date, we used to hear changing office to party looks outfit; now we can have out own transforming bags for the day to night look.

They have a complete range of handbags, totes and sling bags! Perfect! I wish I could have them all. I had the opportunity to be there for the event and would love to share my experience with you all. The event was full of influential people and hosted by The Lalit group of hotels in New Delhi. Ans, the food was amazing too. The owners of the brand Mr Sanjay Dua and Ms Natasha Dua unveiled the collection themselves. I had a wonderful time where they organised a little fun activity.

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My personal favorite from their collection isΒ this bagΒ (click here)

Do check out their collection, you will love it!

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