How you doin? I can’t believe it’s almost Diwali! You all know how I keep trying on to wear something I haven’t before and motivate you to do the same. Today, I got my hands on the chicest shirt dress. It is flattering on every body type.

Shirt dresses are way more fun.The best part, they are very comfortable and it can even be worn for various occasions if paired right. Now, it has became one of my most favorite wardrobe piece.

You can pair them up with almost anything and it works as the coolest jacket also!

Some easy ways to style:

  • Pair them up with shorts. Just leave the bottom few buttons open to give it that edge.
  • Add a pair of leggings to work you shirt dress as a cool kurta and you are good to go.
  • On your shirt dress, wear a skirt(preferably high waist-ed) and make dress visible at the bottom as well. This will give it a layered dress effect.
  • Wear it as a jacket on top/bralette. Add a belt if you want to. Works good with both shorts and jeans.
  • Add a layer on top. You can wear it in winters too! Just wear a sweater on top. This looks feminine too.
  • Wearing a full length shrug/jacket on shirt dress? Hell yeah!
  • Open shirt on shirt dresses look fabulous. You can even wear a bomber jacket.
  • You can wear it like a plain dress like me. Add a pair of stockings/pantyhose if you feel it’s too short for your height. I even added a belt to give an oomph. Made a little bow with the belt, cause why not πŸ˜‰

This is how I styled it- belt it up, pair of pantyhose and  black heels. Giving some vintage vibes with plaid. My favorite ❀


I hope you guys like it. Can’t wait to see you lovely people styling your shirt dresses! Tag me in your pictures if you do :*

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