“Scribble your heart away” with newly launched Matrikas woman’s journal. 

Last month I came across Matrikas paper products range of creatively designed notebooks, journals, diaries and other office stationery. I was amazed too see their high quality products which are unknown to most of us. Their each product is so uniquely designed which is sure to make you stand out from the crowd. “Matrikas” is a Sanskrit word which means “Mother”; denoting the powerful energies. Just like it’s name, the company does care about it’s customers like a mother cares about her children; providing best value products, unique concepts, high quality and in a budget. One thing I liked the most about them  (except their products, which are amazing!) is the way they are doing their bit to make this world a better and greener place. You can read more about them here.

I got this opportunity to receive their new specialty collection of woman’s journal through “scribble your heart away” campaign. Such a great move to depict the fearless independent strong woman through journals. There are 4 different journals under this collection:

  • Butterfly: To dream
  • Fish: To glide
  • Dragonfly: To fly
  • Feather: To write

And, I chose dragonfly becausevlcsnap-2017-06-25-18h04m21s277

Being a female, I feel that somewhere we still need to remind ourselves and other female friends that we have the power to fight any battle and we will achieve our dreams; only if we believe in ourselves. And this diary is all about making us realize that.

This journal has everything you need. It’s A5 in size and so fits into your handbag very easily; travel friendly! It’s been a while I started using this journal in my everyday life. The cover is made with special satin fabric screen printed with an extremely beautiful motif. *Everyone commented upon how beautiful my diary is* Yay! The spacing between the lines is perfect, neither too broad nor too tight. 1.IMG_20170625_130953396_HDR1.IMG_20170625_131630164

Each journal has 8 adult coloring pages, which you usually don’t find in journals from other companies. I really  enjoy coloring a lot! And it’s a great stress buster and to explore your creativity while you are bored. Pretty good way to utilize your time.


It has stickers for creative writing. A fun way to express yourself while you plan upon how to fly and catch your dreams. Looks like my work of organizing things is sorted. Are yours?

One new thing which I saw in this journal is this envelop in the end, very practical to keep paper notes and stuff. Which usually might fell while you travel. 1.IMG_20170625_131751298

I am pretty satisfied with this journal and it’s paper quality. It’s a must buy!

I love their products. If you like them too, you can follow them on facebook.

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Happy shopping!