Well, as they say, “shopping is the best therapy”. So I went for some therapy and got little something for myself 😉

The fashion industry is changing trends rapidly, which makes us hard to keep in touch with them especially on a budget. Keeping that in mind, we need to create our own styles by mix and match; in harmony with our personalities. When it comes to one’s personal style I believe that a bag plays a great role to amp up your outfit and it also serves great purpose to keep your basic things. There are plenty of bag options available in the market to suit your persona and occasion. And it’s always useful to invest in a good bag and a decent pair of heels.

As for me, sling bags are my favorite. Even sling bags have varied size alternative and they always come in handy. This sling/wristlet bag caught my eye and I couldn’t resist buying it. In a popping vermilion solid color it has plenty of space to hold cash along with mobile, headphones, keys etc. And it even fits a small diary! Being a designer, that is something I like to keep. Adding the sling to this bag, I can carry it along to brunch, girls day out or even college and the wristlet is good for functional events. you can pair it with casual jeans or even a chic kurti.


Sling bag



I bought this bag from Lavie; you can buy it here.


As a female, I believe there are certain things which we should always carry while stepping out-

  •  Cash/card: Always.
  • Lip balm: Keep those lips soft and moisturised
  • Signature lipstick: You never know when you need it
  • Wet wipes: Say goodbye to oily skin
  • Extra hair ties/pins:For you or your friend in need
  • Powder compact: For that fresh look

More fashionable and popular sling bags are coming up in my next post. See you there! 🙂